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Alcohol Recovery Maintenance

All patients are required to be abstinent from alcohol for at least 1 week prior to appointment. We do not provide alcohol detoxification. Our program is designed to prevent relapse with the use of medication that reduces cravings and can deter relapse. We have two different medication regimens for new patients. One option is naltrexone and the other option is disulfiram. Naltrexone is designed to reduce cravings while disulfiram functions to deter relapse.

All patients currently undergoing alcohol abuse therapy must also have counseling as part of their treatment. We provide referral to counselors that work closely with us. Counseling can be done over the phone, in person, or online. As a concierge practice, we value your privacy and discretion.


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At the initial visit, a comprehensive history and physical will be performed along with urine drug screen.  Treatment options are reviewed with the patient and a customized treatment plan is agreed upon.
Patients must be abstinent from alcohol for at least 1 week prior to appointment. Initial prescription will be written and follow-up discussed.

Counseling options will be reviewed and set up to be completed prior to follow-up.

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The Alcohol Program requires routine follow-up visits for medication monitoring, assessing for side effects, verification of program adherence including counseling and avoidance of illicit substances or alcohol. Follow-up visits are every 2 weeks for the first month depending upon response and then monthly thereafter. However, if there is a program violation or medication changes, there may be a need to have shorter follow-up.

If stable after 6 months, patients can be seen up to every 3 months.

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